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Minister’s Corner: Freedom of choice

Member of the Ville Platte
Ministerial Alliance

Have you ever wondered if God made a mistake when He provided freedom of choice to His creation? After all, wouldn’t our lives be much safer, successful and fulfilling if God just “called the shots” in all of the important areas of our lives? Without a doubt, the answer is yes! However, if He had chosen that path, it would not have been one based on the truest measurement of love. You see, God loves people so much that He wants the strongest relationship possible, a relationship formed on personal desire and commitment.
When I was a teenager, falling in and out of love, I remember reading some sentimental piece of poetry which said, “Love is like a bird in a cage. Set it free. If it is truly yours, It will return to you. If it doesn’t, it never belonged to you at all.” A few years later, I remember seeing a bumper sticker on the back of a car that read, “Love is like a bird, set it free. If it returns to you, great. If it doesn’t, hunt it down and shoot it!”
Somewhere in that silliness is a nugget of truth. God loves people like you and me so much that He longs to see commitment, fidelity and trust in Him from each one of us who relate to Him. Indeed, it seems in the mind of God, forced love is no love at all. He only wants a relationship with those who want the same with Him. Isn’t it time to get to really know God in a personal way and establish a relationship with Him.

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