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Minister’s Corner: Perverting the word of God

Member of the Ville Platte Ministerial Alliance

In our day, there are so many people who are twisting the Word of God, in congregations and from behind pulpits, making it say what they want it to say. If a passage of scripture is not palatable, just rip it out. If the Word of God condemns a particular sin they are fond of, they totally ignore it. In the process, they restrict God and cast Him in an image that is pleasing to the flesh. They call Him the God of love to the exclusion of all His other attributes and character. That is why so many people believe today that the church should not preach on sin, repentance, the blood, sacrifice and crucifixion of the flesh but only the fact that God is love and He will not condemn anyone to Hell and separation from His presence.
You may not want to hear this today, but nevertheless, it is the truth and it is the truth that will set you free. God has revealed Himself, His purpose and His will in His precious word. You cannot dissect God. What His word has to say about sin and repentance and Hell and crucifying the flesh is as applicable today as it was in the time it was written. God has not changed! All those who would tell you differently are preaching, as Paul would say, “a different gospel.” They are perverting the sacred Word of God. Because of what they are doing, many are being led astray. Make sure you are not in that number. The Word of God says what it means and means what it says! It is perfect. It needs no alteration. After all, it was written through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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