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One day of youth group bonding is better than none

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By: Ali Moras
Editorial Intern

I got the opportunity to go visit my youth group last Wednesday at church camp in Texas. The camp was amazing, and you could really feel that God was there.
When you go to a church camp you can’t help but be excited about spending time bonding with your youth group. For me bonding with my youth group is so important because it’s good to have people who understand you and who can help you out when you need. Church camps bring people together and you experience so many great things.
I was only at this camp for one day, but it was an amazing feeling to be able to talk with everyone about our struggles, how things are back at home, and how we can help each other grow stronger in our faith. I remember in June trying to figure out if I could go to camp or if I should stay behind and work. I talked to my youth pastor at First Baptist Church Pine Prairie, and I explained to him that if I leave for a week my paycheck wouldn’t be as high as it is now. I also explained how I didn’t think I could leave for that long because there is a lot that must get done for each edition of The Ville Platte Gazette.
What really made we want to go to camp was when a member of our youth group said, “Don’t worry about money, because God will take care of you. He always does.” That made me feel so much better and I started to want to go more than ever. But, I couldn’t take off for a whole week. Therefore, I asked for one day off, and I got it.
While traveling to Texas I couldn’t help but thank God over and over again for letting me be able to experience camp for one day. I traveled with my Pastor, Daniel Holsomback, and his daughter Grace. It was an awesome three hour ride. We all talked, and laughed, and just talking with them had a comfortable feeling to it.
Surprising my youth group was one of the greatest parts of my day at camp. Nobody expected me to come even though I told them if I had a day off I would be there. I loved seeing everyone smiling when I arrived at camp, and getting hugs from everyone was just great. Everyone asked if I was staying for the rest of the week, but I had to explain that I had to be at work in the morning. While I was there though we spent a lot of valuable time together as a youth group.
That night was a worship service and a sermon followed. The sermon was amazing. The speaker preached on Heaven and Hell. He explained to us that Hell is described and mentioned more times in the Bible than love and Heaven combined. He explained what the Bible says Heaven is like and that Hell is a physical and internal torment. He told us that many people do not believe Hell is a place, but Heaven is. However, the pastor assured us that Hell does exist, but Jesus Christ can save us from that fiery pit. What I got out of that sermon was that Hell is just as real as Heaven is, and its true. It is so very true.
While bonding with my youth group was great, learning more about Christ is what truly made my trip unforgettable.

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