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JAGNEAUX: Election not about Trump or Clinton

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Gazette Sports Editor Tracey Jagneaux

As the news of Donald Trump’s victory in the Presidential election rang out through the country, one undeniable fact came blasting out of the din of 50 million joyous shouts and 50 million collective groans; this election was never about a person.
This election was never about being Democrat or Republican. This election was never about being liberal or conservative. Truth is, most Americans live somewhere in the center in terms of politics.
And it was most certainly not about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. A majority of the people did not vote FOR Trump OR against Hillary. Neither one brought the enthusiastic endorsement of the people.
No, this election was much more than that. The people of the United States have decided that enough is enough. The people of the United States are fed up with the elitism, corruption and downright failure of the power brokers in Washington, D.C. The people of the United States have sent a strong mandate to those who hold national office; fix this country or get out.
These average, every day, ordinary, hard-working people want what Abraham Lincoln told them they are entitled to in his Gettysburg address; a government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE. The United States government has proven over the last several years, that this is instead a government of those who hold the power. Washington has become a coven of elitist, entitled, self-preserving megalomaniacs.
Think about these facts. Congressional approval has not risen over 20 percent in years. Most of the richest Americans hold positions within the government. They have become out of touch with the reality of what it means to live in America today on a shoestring budget. The founding fathers of this country are rolling over in their graves knowing this is not how they intended their experiment in freedom to turn out.
I would like to ask Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan and the rest of the 531 “representatives” of the people two simple questions. Outside of an election year, when was the last time you sat in a neighborhood diner or a rural gathering place of ordinary people and asked them what they think is the best direction for this country? When was the last time you strolled down the street of your hometown and just talked, like an ordinary person, to the people you supposedly represent? With all of the Congressional recesses, surely there has to be time for that.
I would also like to know why these elected officials live daily lives of hypocrisy. Why do Americans have to pay 1,500-2,000 dollars for health care and are mandated to have health care when the bureaucrats in Washington are exempt? Why do a number of them decry global warming, when those same politicians get around in private jets, burning the same fossil fuels that they say created the peril of the Earth? Why can some get away with criminal activity, when we all know that if you or I committed these breeches of national security, we would be buried in jail?
This election was not an indictment of just Republicans or just Democrats. It was an indictment of the entire system and the way it has failed the citizens of this country.
With this election, our fellow Joe Blow Americans have shouted louder than the voices of the corrupt, co-conspirators of the mainstream media. They shout for our leaders to point this country back in the right direction. They shout for their jobs back. They shout for the security and the livelihood of their families. They shout for the power hungry establishment to re-unite this country.
Make no mistake about it, the Washington cartel, and to a certain extent the media, have sought to divide this country. They have sought to divide us into race, class, gender and have slowly began to strip the freedoms that we have held on to for 240 years.
Our government wants us divided. When we fight amongst ourselves, it fogs our perspective of how bad the shape of our government is in. They are the intellectuals. We are the idiots, and they must decide our lives for us because we are not on their level. Heck, even the so-called “architect” of the Affordable Care Act, Jonathan Gruber, admitted that it was the stupidity of the American people that got that particular legislation passed.
We as citizens of this country, Democrat and Republican alike, need not stop pressing forward with our message to Washington. If a Congressman or President does not bring the government back to the people, boot them out. That is why it is time for term limits.
We have way too many Senators and Representatives that make a living in the Beltway. Just look it up. There are people that have been serving in the House and Senate for 30, 40 and even 50 years.
But, you might say, will there be someone who can take their place and can they win? I know it may seem tough, given the fact that not everyone has 120 million dollars lying around to run for office. However, a grass roots candidacy is not out of the question, just look at what Clay Higgins has done.
It is understood that you are never going to please everyone in this country. But, I think we can firmly say that a vast majority of Americans believe in three simple concepts.
First, the understanding that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian values. This means that EVERY life is to be treasured, even those that are yet to be born. It also means we must care for our fellow man and aid him in his times of trouble, if he is incapable of doing that on his own, or he is willing to first HELP HIMSELF.
Secondly, we want our children to become more prosperous than ourselves. We want our children to be more successful than we have become. If every child ultimately becomes prosperous, this Nation becomes prosperous.
Thirdly, we are a Nation of laws and that these laws should be agreed upon by the majority of the citizens. We also believe that these laws SHOULD BE FOLLOWED and not handpick which ones will be enforced. This means that those laws must also not trample the RIGHTS (not supposed rights or privileges) of Americans. We citizens of this country want our children to be safe and protected.
To those who are salivating at the glands because Trump won, a word of caution. We do not know if he is the right person for the job, that will come in time. If he isn’t, we the people should fire him in four years. So, do not gloat. Rather be humble.
To those who are angry and upset because Hillary lost, stop whining. This election was not lost because of Wikileaks, the Russians or James Comey. It was lost because the working class of America was fed up with the establishment and any candidate that was perceived as being part of that establishment. Dry your eyes. It is time to heal. Why do you think Trump won Pennsylvania, Michigan and any other lean Democrat state? It wasn’t because only Republicans voted for him!!!
This country needs EVERY American to unite and work toward a common cause; making sure this Nation is stronger than ever. The way that we do that is to hold Congress’ collective feet to the fire. Write, call, bug, become a nuisance to your Senators and Representatives. Tell them that the eyes of their constituency are upon them and if they so much as think of doing wrong by the people, they are out.
So, millennials, quit drowning in the tears at your safe zones. Put on your big boy/girl pants and quit trying to get everything for free. (Don’t want to be accused of being sexist). If we all work together, jobs will come back to this country. So get out, contribute to society and help pull this country back in the hands of the people and let us become ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE once and for all.
Just my opinion.

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