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Jagneaux: Tebow’s faith, courage are all he needs

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Ville Platte Gazette Sports Editor Tracey Jagneaux

What is it with people and their criticism of Tim Tebow?
I never could understand why people continue to downgrade one of the most genuine personalities of our time.
I understand not liking him when he was at Florida and he was creating havoc for LSU and their fans. Heck, I was definitely one of those people that were not on “Team Tebow” during those years.
I also understand that his skill level on the college football field was not going to translate into anything substantial in the National Football League.
But seriously, there are people out there that HATE Tebow with a passion. What has he done to anyone that would make people feel that type of anger toward him in particular.
Now, Tebow has declared he will try to give Major League Baseball a try, if a team is willing to take a chance on him.
I say good for him. If he wants to don the cleats and take his chances at another sport, go for it. Think about this, if you had the athleticism to be able to even attempt another professional sport, wouldn’t you take that chance.
My whole take on the situation is that Tebow really does not care what his detractors say about what he can or can not do. I also believe that Tebow is not afraid of failure.
Why, you ask? Because of his faith in the Man upstairs. Yeah, that same faith that many people mocked and ridiculed him for.
It takes a tremendous amount of courage and faith to put yourself in an unfamiliar surrounding and attempt something that you have not done in a very long time.
I know this first hand. When I took the job of sports editor here at the paper, I had not written anything published since high school. So, when I accepted this job, I knew I had to rely on something beyond myself to get through the anxiety felt in my bones.
So for all of you Tebow HATERS, just remember that no matter how people perceive you or how much angst you felt when taking something on new in life, there is one unalienable truth; faith will get you through it.

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